It is so quiet now where I live. There are no cars , No touching and until there is a vaccine  there is no sign of an end to  people being lost  due to the virus.. 

I play music to the street every lunch time as a way of connecting.  If the neig...


I have updated this book because I was disappointed with the quality from kindle publishing who took over from create space.  In this second edition I have added more projects . The cover and pages are a much higher quality giving a better image definition....


Whilst sitting on a hillside in Anho in Oxfordshire with Jessie the dog, we watched a huge storm roll in. Although I took this series of photographs at the time, they didn't show the energy of the storm.

Having painted this sketch in watercolour...


A wondrous project based on everything I have ever been interested in.  As usual I am researching everything to the nth degree, Drawing and experimenting over the last year or so. Here is a flavor of my documentation.

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