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Land art book
Land art book
Abc book
Abc book

About the land 

2nd edition (on sale by email

Nature fascinates me, from the structure of a nebulae in space, to the smallest wisp within an atom…

Everything  inspires me.

As I meander in the countryside and along the coast I feel part of everything,  interesting collectible treasures catch my eye and I can often spend the rest of the day arranging them.  The tide or the position of the sun together with the changing seasons dictate the timeline for my creations, often influencing the outcome.

The art shown in this book has been reclaimed by the land or the sea by now and all that remains of my endeavours are the photographs and of course the memories.

This book shows a flavour and a hint at some of the wonderful adventures I have enjoyed around Devon over the last fifteen years or so.

                                 Feb 2020

Twenty six humorous alphabetical tales, each using the same letter of the alphabet for the beginning of every word in each tantalizingly tongue twisting tale. e.g. "twenty twelve troublesome turquoise tadpoles tormented thirteen tricky tarantulas" Great for theater warm up exercises! Great for facilitating creative vocabulary and a wonderful tool for educators at every level.

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